Tegu Pocket Pouch Original


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Click clack” this is the soft sound of two Tegu blocks snapping together. These beautifully crafted magnetic wood blocks are the perfect toy for open-ended, constructive play. This pocket pouch contains 2 parallelograms in a tone of natural and 4 triangular blocks in two tones of coral and teal wood. Colors and clear coats are made from non-toxic, water-based lacquer. The pouch is industrial felt. The pocket pouch is perfect for the plane and car trips, restaurants, stroller rides or fun on the fridge. Tegu manufactures their curiously attractive blocks in Honduras from sustainably harvested hardwoods. They are committed to providing world-class employment opportunities to local communities and paying all their employees a living wage. By purchasing Tegu blocks, you will be not only supporting the Honduran economy but also providing your children with the opportunity to expand their minds and nurture their creativity in safe, natural and innovative ways.