Tour of Curated Play Spaces and Family-Focused Amenities

Check-In and Lobby

This is where you’ll enter and check-in for your play sessions.

Our main entrance includes a full lobby where you can enjoy snacks and drinks, as they’re not permitted inside the play areas.  The space is complete with several tables, chairs and high chairs for the little ones.

This area is also home to our retail space featuring our curated imaginative play toy selection. 

Little City Market

The grocery market play space is the perfect place for your little one to learn turn-taking, helping others and making decisions. We have a huge selection of foods, reusable bags and products for a full shopping experience.

Your little ones can use little shopping carts for their favorite foods and even “check out” using the cash registers, which are complete with a satisfying scan “beep”!

Your child can play as a cashier or a customer. This play area can help familiarize your little one if grocery stores are typically overwhelming.

123 Little Lane

Our adorable indoor and outdoor home space is perfect for opening up a conversation about responsibilities around the home. This large play space has almost everything your children need to “play house”!

Inside, the play space features a little kitchen, a washer, and a space to take care of baby dolls.

Outside, your children can imagine sending letters in the mail, cooking up veggie skewers on a grill, tending to their lawn and even caring for their pets.

Little Yummy Yum Cafe

The cafe is a great experience in following directions. Your children will have fun using the coffee machine, blender, or oven to make delicious food. 

Your little ones can imagine enjoying treats at the cafe, preparing the food and even serving the goodies. With little menus, they can pretend to prepare specific or imaginary treats.

The cafe space features a full counter area, several table sets, a multi-step coffee machine, a pizza oven, a standard oven, a blender, a mixer, and plenty of serving wear to deliver the tiny treats.

Little Learning Center

This complete classroom setting is perfect for playing school! Your little ones will be inspired to “teach” you and their friends about their favorite topics.

The learning space is complete with several student desks, a teacher desk, preschool learning tools, a magnetic board and a bookshelf. 

This is a great area to take your little ones who will be entering the traditional school system. You’ll be able to introduce them to basic school habits and pretend to attend!

Little Clips

Little Clips beauty salon has everything your little ones need to imagine getting a makeover.

Complete with hair cutting, hair styling, and makeup tools, your stylish kiddos will have a great time playing (without any mess)!

This play space includes two vanity chairs, a stylist chair, a rolling cart for all of the beauty goodies, and 2 play dolls to style. 

The Little Office

Littles love playing office, answering phone calls. and typing on the computer “like mommy and daddy”! 

This smart little space features a clock wall with international times and full office setup with a little desk, computer, and chairs. 

The perfect area to pretend play in a more professional setting. Your older children may enjoy “interviewing” you as the boss. 

Little Health Clinic

Compassion is learned, and our medically inspired play space is the ideal place to get your little’s gears going.

Aspiring nurses and doctors will have a wonderful time caring for you and their peers in the clinic play space.

Complete with an examination bench, office desk, and all of the important medical apparatuses, your children will enjoy healing and helping.

The Little Tool Shed

Our construction zone helps your little ones with planning and preparation.

The faux bricks can be stacked and knocked down to your children’s content. There’s fun in the destruction, too! 

Our Little Tool Shed is supplied with construction equipment including a wheel barrel, safety cones, safety glasses & vests, a tool bench, construction vehicles and plenty of building supplies.

Popup Play Space

Every few weeks, Little Play Place will be home to a specialized play space to keep your little’s imagination growing.

Are you a local business interested in sponsoring a play space? Get in touch with us today!

Current popup: Gaspar’s Little Grotto, where your little ones can dress like a pirate and celebrate the Tampa Bay Gasparilla invasion!

Past popups have included:

  • Little Holiday Post for Christmas packages, where your children can help process gifts and mail for Santa! 

The Little Littles Area

For those not yet walking, the Little Littles play area offers a safe and gated space to work on tactile skills. Perfect for tummy time, crawling and pre-walking cruisers. 

Your children will be able to enjoy plenty of open-ended stacking and interaction toys to help get them ready for the bigger play areas.

The Little Calm Corner

Even with our limited attendance play sessions, overwhelm can happen! We created this place to allow you to step away from the play and have a moment to calm down.

Our Calm Corner is outfitted with several pairs of noise-blocking headphones, 2 comfy chairs and plenty of books to help de-stimulate.

Littles of special sensory needs are welcome at Little Play Place!

The Little Party & Events Room

The bright and open party room is the perfect space for your little’s next birthday party. Learn more about our party packages here.

This area is also home to our free story time and other exciting events. Learn more about special events here.

The Parents' Room

Created with nursing moms, pumping moms, and bottle-feeding parents in mind! 

Our parents’ room features a comfy chair, lamp, small stool, side table, open outlet, noise machine, and a cabinet of goodies to help you have the most enjoyable experience. 

Need a little time out? This area is a perfect space away from play for calming down before getting back to the fun.


“I was very pleased with my first experience at Little play place. The staff was very courteous and super friendly! The facility is super cute, and It is a great place to take kids to play, especially if the weather is bad. They have multiple interactive areas . We enjoyed the mini restaurant and little hospital.”

Paloma Orbezo

Via Google Reviews

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